Class Size Overage Claims

Class Size Overage Claim Forms should be used by Certificated staff to document and submit class overages.  Please read the instructions and deadlines below.  To download the claim form please click here.  All Class Size Overage Claim Forms need to be printed on green paper.

Claim Sheet Instructions:
  • Click on the Class Size Overage Claim Form link to download the form in Excel format.
  • Complete your name, grade level, and month for which the overage is being claimed in upper portion of form.
  • Enter the total number of students on the roster for each day of the claim period.
  • Print, sign, and submit your class size overage claim sheet to your site administrator for approval by the last business day of the month.
  • Site secretaries will assign the account code and forward to Payroll for processing by the established deadline.

Class Size Overage Reporting Periods and Deadlines: