Payroll Forms and Useful Links


This page has commonly used payroll and benefit forms that can be downloaded.  You will also find some links to useful websites. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please give us a call.

Direct Deposit Form
Direct Deposit is required by all employees.  It is easy to take advantage of this convenient way to direct deposit your net pay each month by printing the Direct Deposit Form and returning it to the Payroll and Benefit Office by the 10th of the month.

Pre-Authorization for additional work hours
All hours that are worked beyond regular contracted hours need to be pre-approved by an Administrator before they can be claimed for pay.

Green Timesheet
To claim pay for Pre-Authorized hours worked beyond contracted hours a Green Time Sheet needs to be completed and have an Administrator's signature of approval.

Transportation Substitute Driver or Aide Timesheet - This timesheet is to be used by qualified employees or substitutes who have gone through the driver training process and have been hired to substitute as a driver or aide on a route.

Transportation Driver or Aide Timesheet - This timesheet is to be used for current Transportation employees to document hours worked beyond contracted hours.

Transportation Field Trip Timesheet
 - This timesheet is to be use for Transportation employees who have taken a Field Trip.

Para Educator Incentive Time Sheet - Please print double sided on green paper.
Each Para Educator has the option to earn their regular rate of pay for each hour of District approved training to a maximum of thirty five (35) hours before or after their contracted hours, per employment year. One quarter approved college credit is equal to ten (10) hours. Employees who earned Education Incentive program hours prior to August 31, 1998 shall continue to receive the EI stipend on their hourly pay during the tenure of one's employment.

Para Educators shall obtain approval for the training or course from the building principal, assistant superintendent or superintendent in advance of the training or course. The District agrees to approve all current job-related trainings.

A Para Educator EI Time Sheet should be submitted to your Administrator to provide evidence of attendance.  The Administrator will sign off on the EI Time Sheet and forward it to the Payroll Department which will then be paid following District deadlines.

Class Size Overage Claim Form 
Class size overage claim forms should be used by Certificated staff to document and submit class overages.  Please read the following instructions and deadlines.

Claim Sheet Instructions:

  • Download the Claim form in Excel format.
  • Complete your name, grade level, and month for which the overage is being claimed in the upper portion of the form.
  • Enter the total number of students on the roster for each day of the claim period.
  • Print the form on green paper, sign, and submit your class size overage claim sheet to your site Administrator for approval by the last business day of the month.
  • Site secretaries will assign the account code and forward to Payroll for processing by the established deadline.

Health Savings Account Voluntary Contribution Form

Voluntary HSA contributions are made with pre-tax dollars, through payroll deductions. As a result, they are not included in your gross income and are not subject to federal income taxes.

I-1433 Paid Sick Leave Request Form

Initiative 1433 raised the minimum wage beginning January 1, 2018.  It also requires all employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees starting January 1, 2018.  Employees entitled to paid sick leave are those covered by the minimum wage act, this includes part-time, seasonal, and opt-in workers. Employees are entitled to use accrued paid sick leave beginning on the ninetieth (90th) day after employment commences.

2021 W-4 Form
The W-4 form is needed so that the employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your wages.  Consider completing a new W-4 Form each year or when your personal or financial situation changes.

IRS Withholding Calculator
The IRS encourages everyone to use the IRS Withholding Calculator to perform a quick "paycheck checkup."  The Calculator helps you identify your tax withholding to make sure you have the right amount of tax withheld from your paycheck.

Employee Access Logon
Access your payroll records via Employee Access. 

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