COVID-19 Resources

COVID Resources

These are unprecedented times. Navigating through the various challenges created by this crisis requires careful thought, constant re-calibration, bottomless patience and exorbitant flexibility as each new piece of information is unpacked. We all have questions about how to navigate the now and what will happen next. Here in HR, we will do our best to provide the answers we can as your questions arise. Listed below is an expanding list of questions our office is fielding. Maybe your question is answered here. If not, send us an email with your specific inquiry so we can get back to you and possibly add a version of your question to this list for the benefit of the rest of the team.
Some leave during this time may fall under specific COVID-19 related issues. If that is your case, please review the following information.

Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Explained

Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form

Expanded Family and Medical Leave Request Form

For your reference, we are providing a link to the FAQ document our department issued on March 16, 2020.

COVID FAQ - Employee Correspondence