2019 – 2020 Highly Capable Program (HiCap) Calendar

September - June


Student Learning Plans, Scheduling, & Instruction

December 2 – January 31


Highly Capable Program Referral Period

December 11


Highly Capable Program Referral Information Night

January 31


Highly Capable Program Referrals Due

March 2


SIGS Survey Form Due From Parent(s)/Guardian(s) & Teachers

March 2 - 20**


Testing Window for CogAT Assessment**



Referred Students’ Portfolio Review

April 30


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Notified of Results

May 13


Highly Capable Program Information Night for Newly Identified

May 21


Appeal Forms Due

June 1


Appeal Decisions Mailed to Parents/Guardians


**Please note that testing dates are subject to change. No testing will occur after March 25.**