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Sequim School District's campuses rest on two sites. The first is comprised of Helen Haller Elementary school, the Sequim Community School (Deconstruction Details Here), Sequim Middle School, Sequim High School, Olympic Peninsula Academy, and Sequim Options School, which occupy a 60-acre campus within the city limits.  The second site is where our other elementary school, Greywolf, sits on approximately 20-acres, three miles west of Sequim, near Carlsborg.

District Office
Superintendent: Gary Neal
Address: 503 North Sequim Avenue Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: (360) 582-3260
Fax: (360) 683-6303
Office Hours: 7:00am-4:00pm M-F
Sequim School District Website

Helen Haller Elementary School   
                   Greywolf Elementary School
Grades K-5                                                                                     Grades K-5
Principal: Becky Stanton                                                                  Principal: Donna Hudson
Address: 350 West Fir Street Sequim, WA 98382                               Address: 171 Carlsborg Road Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: (360) 582-3200                                                                   Phone: (360) 582-3300
Fax: (360) 681-8543                                                                       Fax: (360) 582-9555
Office Hours: 7:30am-3:45pm                                                         Office Hours: 7:30am-4:00pm
School Schedule: 8:15am-2:45pm                                                   School Schedule: 8:30am-3:00pm
Mondays: 9:15am-2:45pm                                                              Mondays: 9:30am-3:00pm 
Helen Haller Elementary School Website                                    Greywolf Elementary School Website

Sequim Middle School                                                Sequim High School
Grades 6-8                                                                                     Grades 9-12
Principal: Vince Riccobene                                                                Principal: Shawn Langston
Address: 301 West Hendrickson Sequim, WA 98382                           Address: 601 North Sequim Avenue Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: (360) 582-3500                                                                   Phone: (360) 582-3600
Fax: (360) 582-9486                                                                       Fax: (360) 681-8688
Office Hours: 7:30am-3:30pm                                                          Office Hours: 7:30am-3:15pm
School Schedule: 8:15am-2:45pm                                                    School Schedule: 8:15am-2:45pm
Mondays: 9:15am-2:45pm                                                               Mondays: 9:15am-2:45pm 
Sequim Middle School Website                                                     Sequim High School Website

Sequim Options School                                           Olympic Peninsula Academy (OPA)
Grades 10-12                                                                                  Grades K-12
Office Coordinator: Kayanna Harrison                                                Principal: Mark Willis
Address: 503 North Sequim Avenue Sequim, WA 98382                      Address: 400 North 2nd Avenue Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: (360) 582-3433                                                                    Phone: (360) 808-4759
Fax: (360) 683-6303                                                                        Fax: (360) 582-9229
Office Hours: 7:30am-3:00pm                                                          Office Hours: 7:30am-3:30pm
School Schedule: 8:15am-2:45pm                                                    Olympic Peninsula Academy Website                     
Mondays: 9:15am-2:45p                                                                  (Under construction)
Sequim Options School Website                                                                                                   

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